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Systems That Shape(d) Black America E-Books

Systems That Shape(d) Black America E-Books

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This book takes you on a walk through history from Slavery to Modern Day, with 40 mini lessons highlighting defining moments in history that haveshaped the way Black people currently exist in America.

The ebook version comes in 2 formats, so please review each description to determine which version is right for you. If you have questions, please feel free to email me at

EPUB Format - This version is the most common e-reader file type. Please use this version for all e-readers such as Amazon's Kindle, Barnes and Noble's Nook, Apple's iBooks, Adobe Digital Editions, Aldiko by Android, etc.

PDF Format - PDF files are far more common than the EPUB format, because they are used for much more than e-readers. PDFs are essentially digital prints that we can view "as is" on most devices that have a program that supports them such as computers and phones.

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